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It's been pretty quiet around here for the last several weeks. No 'real' news to speak of lately as I've been busy with another project I play drums in, along with work and life in general. Which are all good things in their own right, but I wasn't planning on such a break from this project when I launched this new site. I'm hoping to get the wheels turning with my music again very soon and I do have some good news coming soon. Stay tuned.

Expanding on New Music

I've been expanding on some current songs and a remix (which is always a fun time killer) lately and they're coming together great! Very excited to finish them up and can't wait to share the music with everyone. Stay tuned! In the meantime, watch this if you haven't already. (just a hint as to which current song I'm speaking of).

The Desert Hollow has a Mighty Handshake

Looking back at some older music tonight. Reflection is a good thing, right? Music video collaboration with Georgios Cherouvim for 'The Desert Hollow has a Mighty Handshake.'It was by mere chance in 2011 I came across the animator/fx artist while working on this song. I was writing and listening back to this track when I came across his work. Immediately, I knew the two separate pieces needed to be synced together as one full piece as they both had a very similar feel and emotion. I had emailed him an overly enthusiastic email explaining my findings and to my amazement, he sent me the video links and allowed me to edit/cut his video to the track. After several proofs this was the final piece.

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