PRISMS & PORTALS is a one man project from the midwest that was started by Shaun Riekena. The project blurs the lines between experimental electronica, ambient music combined with influences and rhythmic complexities from progressive metal and atmospheric textures and soundscapes of post-rock. A balance between organic, improvised playing and electronic music production and sound manipulation.

 A self-taught drummer and musician, Shaun has been playing drums, both acoustic and electronic, in the instrumental, progressive rock band Taciturn since 2000 along with other metal, rock and experimental hip-hop bands throughout that time. He is also a graphic designer by day which plays a strong roll in the music's artistic imagery and process.

The music has been described as atmospheric, dark and hypnotic, yet welcoming with bursts of vibrant colors and long, escalating movements interspersed with glitchy textures and droning ambient soundscapes throughout. Subtle influences may be heard throughout the music spanning from bands such as Tool, King Crimson, Vessels, 65daysofstatic, Woven, Jacaszek and more.

All music written, recorded and mixed by Shaun Riekena.

"Intercept Linear 7" is an electronic epic that combines hypnotic atmospheric development with a colorful variety of glitch-pop and industrial-fused heavy drones. The vocals are distant in the production, similar to the works of A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails and aptly so, considering this track's stylistic direction. Tracks in the avant-garde electronica vein can easily veer off course due to sheer complexity and scope, but "Intercept Linear 7" starts fresh and maintains this level of innovation throughout. The drums really start to shine around the 02:20 mark, when their vibrancy and complexity aligns beautifully with the synth warbles and flutters. The ominous backing vocals during this section are also phenomenally done. The vocals, although lyrically incomprehensible, act as a hypnotic instrument on their own throughout -- casting a caressing power upon the invigorating instrumentation. "Intercept Linear 7" shows Prisms & Portals as a band supremely capable of crafting electronic epics that fuse together a variety of lovable influences, from Tool to Aphex Twin. Fans of those groups and beyond will surely appreciate this."
- Mike Mineo, Editor of Obscure Sound
"There is method to the madness here, and I think it comes through on tracks like “Intercept Linear 7” with it’s repeated piano loops stabbing through the eerie harsh whispered lyrics. And it burns through on the equally eerie “Radiant,” with its thunderous piano echoes and cymbal crashes which sound like the perfect soundtrack to a short black and white film. And then there is the all out jam session of the electric guitar and pounding drum darkness on the title track."
- The Equal Ground
"To me, artists who mix a variety of genres are always interesting. Prisms & Portals is no exception. The music is a fusion of electronic, ambient, experimental, metal and post-rock, to name but a few. And there a lot of drums, which I of course love." 

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