Mixing is complete

I finished up the mixing for the following tracks last night and I sent them off to get mastered by Matt Sepanic at Sonic Factory. I'm really pleased with the mixes and I'm very excited to hear the final mastered tracks. 

Track listing:

  1. In Waves - 6:58
  2. Fieldwork - 2:52
  3. The Fossil Lights - 10:42

My schedule has been busier since I've been writing/recording these tracks this time around so I've been working back and forth between the music and artwork whenever I can fit it in—which really means staying up extremely late and getting absolutely no sleep. But, in my crazy head it's worth it. Now that the music is done I'll focus on finalizing the artwork, and hopefully, I will have some physical copies available soon after the digital downloads will be released.

Like I did with the last release, there will be some additional items that will be available with the digital download that I think you'll really enjoy.

Stay tuned.



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