Review - Music Connection Mag

Check out this nice review of 'The Fossil Lights' in the latest issue of Music Connection Magazine!

A one-man instrumental project from Shaun Riekena, Prisms & Portals could be of particular interest to game developers and genre film makers. Each theme we heard—"In Waves," "Intercept Linear 7" and the 11 minute "The Fossil Lights"—follows an effective formula: a mysterious, hypnotically repetitious motif builds to a dramatic conclusion. Along the way there are enough interludes of intrigue and instrumental flourishes (like great fuzz-bomb guitar tones) that could make an ambitious visual project come to life. Indeed, the simplicity of each composition seems to demand a visual element to ground it or give it context. Our favorite track is "Intercept Linear 7" which makes an impact via its oddly chant-like voice component.

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